welcome to my official website , i am going to be updating this page with news and events and stuff happening soon or something , wanted an place where all my content is in one place and easy to direct around so thus a website. anyway thanx for checking it out ;)


new tape
not beisolhof vol 5 but maybe 4.5?
conservation of conversational energy and
the inability of retaining their form and shape


Beisolhof VOL IV [conduit]

after the destruction of the moon

the conduit appeared in its wake

an infinite, endless gateway seeping with energy

forcibly ripped open revealing the tendrils of the soulstealer

causing the collapse of a universe

the gatewaygatewaygatewaygwatewyagategate


Beisolhof VOL III

the verakore saga of beisolhof, the finding of the metora moon , the vera units creation, and the annihilation of the metora moon. CDs still in stock btw xD

bei 3 bc

Beisolhof VOL II

the ПООП​-​Я saga of beisolhof universe, (within a retelling of the original world) about the first sentient machine constructed with the metora metal

bei 2 bc

Beisolhof VOL I

A.K.A the Beisolhof Metora Core OST , 
the first in the series a collection of world enviorment and battle themes , based on a DnD campaign i designed and wrote

bei 1 bc

Dueling Netwonk

passion project using the soundfonts from yu-gi-oh world championship 2010: reverse of arcadia, to create , DUELING NETWONK , LIKE NETWORk BUT WONK

netwonk bc

Agaki Home Radio

Agaki home radio was inspired by the "finale" theme from undertale , but evolved into a whole thing of its own, all of it was done in 1 single FL project File , yea


Jungle Witch

ДЖУНГЛЬНАЯ ВЕДЬМА /​/​/ JUNGLE WITCH is def my most popular project , story of a witch child who floods the hexd landscape swamp


Hexd landscape

audio biography of me and rains trek through the hexd landscape and learning the darkest
secrets . certainly one of the best things ever made , me and rain poured our hearts into it 

hexd lands bc


love this tape it is one the only projects i have been a part of that has vocals on every track , and corvus/shimaelok mixing still blows my mind , s/o |||252|||  frrr

fogeater bc


phantasy star online 2 sound track is very very good so i choppe d  it the h*ck up rearranged, remixed ,  aand added  some more yummy drumns mmm and twisted shit 

pso2 redux bc